Planning Poker.
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Free Planning Poker to estimate tasks online, and enjoy sprint planning with your team.

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Real-time estimation
Customizable card decks
Free & easy to use no sign-up required
JIRA integration
Async sessions
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CSV export
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How it works?

Get started in 3 simple steps.


Start a new session

Create and customize a new Planning Poker session in Scrumhub.


Share the link with team

Copy and share the session link with your team members to join the session.


Start voting

Start voting and see the estimations in real-time. Use tasks queue to add new tasks.

Jira import

Easily import your Jira issues to Scrumhub within a few clicks and start voting.

Import Jira issues for Planning Poker

Simplify your Planning Poker

Create a session, share the link with your team, and start voting.


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